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Photo Gallery

TROOPER - Agency Founder TROOPER - Agency Founder Thinking of you always... During pensive moments we/I look for signs of life in the photos, hoping that we might be able to rekindle those special memories, and momentarily step back into the dreams of our past to relive those intense moments! 206140672 WHO DARES WINS! A man, a husband, a father, but also a professional soldier by choice, Trooper has faced many adversities during the course of his military campaigns. But his professionalism and courage has also saved many lives in politically challenged dictatorships. We are very proud of his achievements and sacrifices made. 206141909 Waiting But time heals all they say? Some say you'll get over it. The funny thing is 'we do not want to get over it!' For fear we may become forgetful and complacent and the precious memories fade. It's our job to keep those we lose alive for the duration, and for as long as we live out our own lives to the end. This only works if the relationship was one of exceptional love of course and am only speaking for myself. 206141590 ALL MINE:) Once in retirement, Trooper took to penning down his life's experiences. He was an excellent horseman, and had a way with horses, and cattle, even sheep. His talents were much sought after and took to the rural lifestyle like a duck to water. Life in the rural sectors was good. It became our Haven of Peace. We were very blessed. 206141750 WHO DARES WINS! Trooper we salute you! 206142057 Young Trooper in 'The Blues' Queen's Household Cavalry 15 Years my Senior, at that time in the 50's when Trooper was a young Cavalry Soldier in Training, I was still a toddler. Ours was a 'Kismet' affair when we met quite by chance in 1971 in Sydney Australia, somewhere around July, 1971. I was just a naive 25 year old. He proposed in August, after sweeping me off my feet, and we married in October 1971. A very short courtship that actually really lasted 47 years long until January 4th 2018. But despite his physical absence, his spirit consciousness is alive and well, I make sure of that, and life goes on as normal here at home... 206142058 A Final Salute to an extraordinary soldier! 206203270 Cyprus EOKA Incident - Serving with the SAS 1956 206203271 206203272 Waiting to Join You my Darling! 206254983 Tribute by a Loving Son to his Dad 206326615